Amorphous Core Transformer

SERVOMAX make 3-Ø Amorphous Core Isolation Transformers 50 Hz or 1 KHz with primary Voltage 360-480V & Secondary voltage 380-415 Volts, 120/240 Volts or as required, Oil immersed, naturally air cooled, double wound with Aluminium / Copper, Step up / Step down core type continuous duty transformers having no load voltage ratio from 200 VA to 160 KVA with ‘H’ Class Insulation and designed to withstand Short Circuit, & Impulse Test in accordance with IS 2026.

The Ultra-low core losses (No-load) of an amorphous core isolation transformer yields substantial energy and cost savings for its owner. In fact, amorphous core transformers can lower core loss by 60-70 percent compared to transformers made with conventional cold-rolled grain-oriented (CRGO) cores, resulting in cost avoidance from reduced generation and deferral of generation and transmission capacity expansions.

The reduced core loss of an “ACIT” lessens impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions over the transformer’s entire operating life. Also, the amorphous metal core manufacturing process is more efficient, using less energy than required to manufacture CRGO cores. And, amorphous metal cores, along with the copper, aluminum, and oil components can be recycled, promoting conservation of these valuable resources.

For a wide range of high frequencies and hot-spot temperature (up to Class H), C-Cores & E-Cores are used in a growing list of advanced power conditioning applications including:

  • 1. Switch Mode Power Supply.
  • 2. UPS Harmonic Filter Inductors.
  • 3. Uninterruptible power systems.
  • 4. Welding power supply.
  • 5. Power inverter (e.g. solar inverter).
  • 6. Wind generators.
  • 7. Automobiles.
  • 8. Railway Traction.
  • 9. High-Power Industrial Ballasts.
  • 1. High Saturation Flux Density (1.56 T).
  • 2. Low Profile – enables weight and volume reductions of up to 50%.
  • 3. Low Temperature Rise – enabling smaller compact designs.
  • 4. Low loss – resulting from extremely thin Iron Based Amorphous ribbon (25 um).
1Terminal ConnectorYes
2Primary bushingsYes
3Secondary bushingsYes
4Mounting lugs/bracketsYes
5Lifting lugsYes
6Rating & Diagram plateYes
7Grounding/Earthing terminalsYes

(* Optional fittings can be provided on extra cost as per customer requirements.)