The Journey of Precious Electronics (1982) and Flagship of Brand SERVOMAX (1985)

About us

Precious electronics is the proprietor ship company and its proprietor is A Venkateswara Rao …


Facilitate a saving of 100MW Electricity by financial year 2023-2024 with our power saving equipment.


Be at the cutting edge of R&D; to achieve efficient use of energy for greener environment.


Continually improve our Process performance related to Quality and Environment and health management.

We are Servomax India

Flagship of Brand SERVOMAX INDIA

Precious Electronics is the proprietor ship company and its proprietor is A Venkateswara Rao …

Precious electronics is the original brand creater and owner of the brand and logo and coined word of servomax is belongs to A . Venkateswara Rao..

Servomax has got a very good name in department of telecom and we have catered to more than 50% of market share in department of telecom. For this department, I have developed various products including A/C Voltage stabilizers which are wall mountable, electronic timers for air conditioners, sequential electronic timers in telephone exchanges and power savers for dept. of telecommunications.After our success in department of telecom, these products were also marketed in many private industries throughout India. I personally monitored all Govt. department tenders and orders throughout India including the big corporate accounts.